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КАСКО «Авто-Элит»

The unique program is designed for customers of middle / upper middle class and high class of income. It provides restore the original appearance of the vehicle at a specialized service center excluding depreciation upon occurrence of the specified in the contract insured events.

Basic advantages

  • Ability to select the appropriate risks!
  • Saving of time and money with a minimum package of documents for payment!
  • Additional luxury services!

Insured event

  • road traffic accident (RTA);
  • theft;
  • wrongful acts of third parties;
  • natural disasters;
  • other unforeseen events.

The contract can entered into on the basis of one embodiment of motor vehicle insurance, on the basis of the above insured events:

  • Variant А – “All the risks”;
  • Variant B – “Road traffic accident”, “Theft”;
  • Variant C – “All then risks”, excluding “Theft”;
  • Variant D – “All the risks”, excluding “Theft” and “Natural diksaster”;
  • Variant E – “Road traffic accident”.

Insurance term —up to 12 months.

Territory —Republic of Kazakhstan (may be applied to the CIS countries on the customer's choice).

Insurance benefit —market value of vehicle.

Franchise —unconditional, 10% in case of total loss, damage.


The insurance payment is not made for:

  • personal belongings or baggage of driver or passengers;
  • additional equipment;
  • damage repair;
  • vehicles, participating in competitions;
  • driving by persons who are in a state of alcohol, drugs or toxic substances intocsication;
  • indirect losses and penalties.

Insurance payment

Restoring of the vehicle excluding depreciation at specialized service stations. If the insured event does not hurt people, the breakage of glasses and optical instruments may be restored without Traffic Police documents.

Special conditions

  • there is a system of discounts;
  • the insurance contract is valid until exhaustion of the insurance amount in full within the period of insurance;
  • tow truck provision – up to 20 MCI (200 km);
  • round the clock coming of emergency commissioner;
  • legal assistance;
  • reinsurance of the contract at Lloyd.