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All kinds of goods transported by rail, road, air, sea, river, or other means of transport, including pipelines or other communications belonging to the Insurant (Insured) on the right of ownership or for other reasons shall be subject to Insurance.

The insurance contract can be entered into on the basis of the following conditions:

  • With liability for all the risks
  • With liability for particular accident
  • Without liability for damages, except for cases of crash

In the first case the owners of cargo shall be reimbursed with losses from damage or total loss of the goods, or a part thereof, arising in almost any reason, except as specifically stated in the insurance contract.

When insuring "With liability for particular accident" the insurer reimburses losses from damage or total loss of the goods or a part thereof only in case of various emergencies caused by thunderstorms, storms, natural disasters, crash or collision of vehicles, accidents, loss of vehicle with cargo as missing.

When insuring "Without liability for damages, except for cases of crash" losses from damage to the goods are not paid, and compensation is paid only in case of total loss of cargo or a part thereof. For example, if during a sea voyage the tanker was damaged and oil is leaking, payment will be made, and if the fuel tank has got a fair amount of water – no.

In all three cases, in addition to compensation, the insurer shall indemnify to the insured cargo owners of the cost of rescuing of surviving part of the cargo.

As a rule, the insurance coverage shall be applied to the whole time of cargo transportation from the moment of cargo receipt from a warehouse to the point of origin, continues throughout the transportation (including overloading, handling and intermediate storage in overload and transshipments points) and stops at the time of delivery to the recipient's warehouse or other final warehouse at the destination specified in the insurance contract.

The Contract can be entered into as for a single carriage, so for insurance of all the freight transportations carried over a long period.

The insurance benefit shall be set respectively to the real price of cargo.

In addition to the cost, the insurance benefit can include freight costs (freight) and storage of cargo. This is plus 10% of the goods value.

Tariff rates for cargo insurance depend on transportation conditions, volume of liability of the insurer, mode of transport, range of goods, and length of the objective risk of the route, availability of overloads, transshipments and intermediate storage.