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“Million+” legal liability contract

Compulsory vehicle insurance (compulsory legal liability insurance) covers only the cost of the damage made by you (to third party) in the amount of 600 MCI or KZT 1 038 600. In a situation where the amount of damage exceeds the limit of the compulsory legal liability insurance (1 038 600 tenge) the guilty party is forced to pay the required amount personnaly, but it is not profitable.

In view of this problem, "Centras Insurance" Company is pleased to offer a new insurance product aimed at your protection against unexpected expenses - "Million +".

How does it work?

Let us assume that in case of an accident, in which you are the guilty party, the amount of loss is KZT 1 500 000. Under compulsory insurance (compulsory legal liability insurance), the insurance company will pay the injured party of KZT 1 038 600. The difference of  remaining amount (KZT 461 400) the quilty party for an accident will be forced to pay out personally.

With the "Million +" program, you will, in this case, not have to worry about the amount of damage, since the total limit of liability in case of an accident, will be KZT 2 038 600!

Why shall I buy "Million +" additionally to the compulsory insurance?

The "Million +" program with its minimum value complements the limit of liability for the guilty party, adding another million tenge. If you caused damage estimated more then compulsory insurance limit, the "Million +" program will cover all the additional costs in amount of 1 million tenge. Compulsory insurance – KZT 1 038 600 + Million Plus - KZT 1 000 000 = KZT 2 038 600.

If I purchase the "Million +" program, and in case of road traffic accident I am a guilty party, will the insurance company cover the costs of my vehicle recovery?

No. The "Million +" program is an additional reserve to the amount of compulsory insurance, and is paid only to the victim party at the road traffic accident, in case of shortage of the amount by compulsory insurance. To restore your own vehicled we have “SAKTA” hull insurance program.

Are there any discounts or special offers with "Million +" program?

Yes, there are. Special offer is provided. The program cost – KZT 6 000. When you purchase the compulsory insurance and the "Million +" program package, you get a guaranteed discount - 50% for the "Million +" program, and its cost will be only KZT 3 000.

For KZT 3 000 you get an extra million to your compulsory legal liability insurance.