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Two parties insurance

You no longer need to spend your own money, nerves and "solve the problem" immediately at the scene.

The essence of the program

Fast payments regardless of the guilt of the insured.

If you had a minor road traffic accident (within the damage in amount KZT 200 000), use the "Two parties insurance" program and the "Centras Insurance" will quickly solve all the problems for you!

 “Two parties insurance” program includes:

  • insurance coverage for your vehicle for KZT 100 000 (hull insurance);
  • covers liability to third parties for KZT 100 000 (Compulsory vedhicle owners legal liability insurance).

Advantages of “Two parties insurance” program

  • fast execution of documents on-site of the road traffic accident by emergency commissioner, without Traffic Police and Court judgement;
  • fast payments to both parties within 3 business days;
  • liability insurance (Compulsory vedhicle owners legal liability insurance) is not involved, the insured event is not registered to the "Bonus-Malus" system;
  • without franchise.

Cost of insurance program

In availability / absence of valid compulsory insurance policy of any insurance company – KZT 15 900. In case of odred on – KZT 14 310.

How does it work?

Example №1: Slight road traffic accident has happened, unfortunately, at your fault. If you are the owner of the “Two parties insurance" program, then "Centras Insurance" company will pay you (our client) and the victim of the amount of damage in the range of KZT 100 000 (your vehicle) and KZT 100 000 (the victim’s vehicle).

Example №2: Slight road traffic accident has happened, and you are not the guilty party. If you are the owner of “Two parties insurance" program, then "Centras Insurance" company will pay you the amount of damages under section of hull insurance (i.e. damage done to your vehicle) in the range of KZT 100 000.

Territory of validity

Administrative boundaries of Almaty, Astana, Shymkent, Karaganda, Aktobe, Atyrau and Kostanay. The “Two parties insurance" policy purchased in any of these cities is also valid in all the cities of this list.

Attention, the program is valid only within the administrative boundaries of the listed cities, if the road traffic accident occurred outside the city, for example, on long-distance route, then this case, shall be not covered by the “Two parties insurance" policy.

In case of road traffikc accident, call 7072 (for free from any mobile operator). Our emergency commissioner will come to assess the damage, draw up the documents, after which you will need just to come to our office and write the application. Within 3 working days we will carry out the payment.