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“Malysh” medical insurance contract (for babies up to 1 year old)

Health of a small child - it is important for any parent and you want to be sure that in any situation your baby will have qualified help.

But, as a rule, in olrder to get adequate medical care you have to spend a lot of nerves, time and money:

  • you have to pay for each procedure;
  • long and not always efficient waiting for your turn;
  • not always qualified and disloyal medical staff;
  • it is not always possible to call to the registry desk and get advice on the problem;
  • frequent lack of medical equipment.

We offer a unique and very effective solution for you and your baby!

Purchasing of the "Baby" program of voluntary health insurance for a child under the age of 1 year old, you, first of all, gain confidence in the health of your baby!

In other words, all the worries related to the health of your child, you shift to a team of professionals - employees of the "SOS Medical Assistance" medical center, which will come to help you and your kid in difficult times!

SOS Medical Assistance — is:

A team of professionals with a good experience background and a lot of positive reviews. The company has a state license for medical activity № 0104001 issued by the Office of Economy and Budget Planning of Almaty.

 “Baby” program of voluntary medical insurance

  • the best experts in the field of medicine;
  • access to expensive diagnostic techniques;
  • call for your doctor consultations - 24 hours per day;
  • abscence of queues, appointments are done through dispatching service.

Program cost — KZT 177 000.
Insurance amount — KZT 1 000 000.
Insurance policy validity —up to the age of the child of 1 year old.

How this medical insurance works?

The insurance amount varies downward, if you have used the services. For example: you have a limit on health care (insurance amount) KZT 500 000. You took services of dentistry for KZT 10 000 and drugs for KZT 10 000, as well as inpatient care for KZT 50 000. As a result, you will have KZT 430 000 - 500 000 -10 000 - 10 000 -50 000 = 430 000.