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Medical insurance contract

Health - is the most valuable thing we have, and if you understand it, you care about it and want to be sure that in every situation you will have qualified help.

But as a rule, in order to have adequate medical care, you have to spend a lot of nerves, time and money:

  • you have to pay for each procedure;
  • long and not always efficient waiting for own turn;
  • not always qualified and disloyal medical staff;
  • it is not always possible to call to the registry desk and get advice on the problem;
  • frequent lack of medical equipment.

We offer you a choice of three voluntary health insurance programs that will allow you to be protected and provide for unforeseen costs associated with health. Medical service coordinator is ready to help you at any time in case of health problems!

Policy features

  • limit on health care (insurance amount) is 10 times greater than the cost of the insurance policy;
  • opportunity to attach family members;
  • the policy is valid 24 hours per day.

And the most important thing - paying one time per year, you get a limit on health care (insurance amount) 10 times greater than the cost of the insurance policy.

The programs differ from each other with spectrum of clinics and limits on certain services.

Comfort and Prestige programs provide services throughout Kazakhstan in one of the 300 medical institutions with which we have a contract for provision of medical services to our insureds.