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Medical insurance contract

There are many medical centers and clinics in the country staffed by qualified doctors, using modern equipment and materials, servicing in health care organisations becomes quick, professional and courteous.

How to define the right one in this variety? How to allocate own funds rationally? The most correct and effective way - medical expenses insurance. It is as accessible and simple as the old grandmother's recipes - with the first symptoms of the common cold it is necessary to have a cup of hot tea with lemon or raspberry.

We offer you several health insurance plans with different set of medical services and the maximum amount of insurance payments.

Advantages of voluntary medical insurance of the "Centras Insurance" company

  • Personal approach
  • Access to the best doctors and clinics
  • Services planning
  • Preferential addition of family members
  • Expansion of the social package

Additional advantages

  • Round the clock dispatch service (24 hours per day, 7 days per week)
  • Medical assistance (in case of hospitalization you will be accompanied by our representative)
  • Examination of medical services (constant monitoring of completeness and necessary services)
  • Medical care on the whole territory of Kazakhstan
  • Quality dentistry services
  • Additional options to the program (for example: "Pregnancy and childbirth", which includes the costs associated with pregnancy and patronage of the newborn during the first year of life)
  • Corporate discounts