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Vehicle owners legal liability compulsory insurance

Compulsory insurance of ligal liability of vehicles owners (CILLVO) - is something that will always be asked to show by the Traffic Police officials, along with a driver's license, and vehicle passport.

What is theCILLVO Contract is necessary for?

The Policy guarantees compensation to third parties for material damage as a result of the road traffic accident by your fault. CILLVO policy does not protect your vehicle, but guarantees damages reimbursement to the person whom you have harmed.

What the CILLVO policy cost depends on?

  • Driving experience;
  • Your age and road traffic accidents history;
  • Bonus-Malus class (your history of insurance);
  • Registration territory;
  • Vehicle service life.

CILLVO policy term of validity

CILLVO policy term of validity— 1 calendar year.

How much will be the payment in case of the insured event?

  • For damage caused to one vehicle — not more than 600 MCI;
  • For harm to life or health of each victim — not more than 1000 MCI.