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Centras Investment Group was established in 2004 and comprises today several companies operating in Kazakhstan and the CIS.

The Group includes, inter alia, "Centras Securities"JSC (Kazakhstan), "Centras Capital" JSC (Russia) and a number of other companies.

 “Centras Securities” JSC

The “Centras Securities” JSC activity is focused on capital markets, assets management, corporate finance and private equity investments in Central Asia and the CIS.

One of the strategic goals that the company has set for itself is to accelerate the process of implementation of international experience, standards and innovation in the local market.

The company provides a wide range of financial services in investment banking, which includes brokerage services, asset management services, mergers and acquisitions, services on expert evaluation of projects, services in organization of financing at the local and international level. In particular, "Centras Securities" JSC has become the first company, which registered open-ended mutual investment fund in Kazakhstan and is now actively developing this line of business.

The Company has the appropriate license issued by the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on regulation of the financial market and financial organizations:

  • License for investment portfolio management activity № 0403200223 dated by September 22, 2004.
  • License for broker-dealer activities in the securities market with the right to manage client accounts as a nominee holder № 0401200886 dated by September 22, 2004.

JSC "Centras Securities" is a new company in the market of financial services; however, its team consists of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience of transactions making at the international level. The platform of the "Centras Securities" company is the former senior staff of Kazakhstan's largest bank, the “Deloitte & Touche” Company, National Bank of Kazakhstan, which is inherent in the presence of rich experience, excellent knowledge of the market, the system of leading financial institutions activity and international practice.

“Centras Capital” JSC

Investment Company “Centras Capital” was established in 2004. The Company is a member of the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX) and a participant in the Russian Trading System (RTS). It has all the basic licenses of professional securities market participant issued by the Federal Financial Markets Service (FFMS) of Russia:

  • Broker (License number 077-07821-100000);
  • Dealer (License number 077-07825-010000);
  • Securities management (License number 077-07828-001000);
  • Depository activities (License number 077-08164-000100).

The Company's services include brokerage services on the leading Russian stock exchanges - MICEX, RTS and "St. Petersburg" FB, custody services, asset management.

The Company has employed a team of professionals with significant experience in the Russian, Kazakhstani and international financial markets.