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Individuals’ property insurance comprehensive program

Thinking about safety of your apartment or house? Do not want to bear the costs of repairing olf the apartment because of broken pipe or a broken washing machine? And reimburse costs to the neighbors if they are accidentally flood? You put your flat for a rent and are afraid for the property?

Then you have found the best way to protect yourself from all these problems - our new program for property and liability insurance to the neighbors – is what you need!

Our program is extremely simple and straightforward, you can place an order for 3 minutes and get a payout with only two main documents. In this case, the cost of insurance you can choose by yourself!

Basic advantages of the program:

1. Without inspection

For insurance provision for your apartment, we do not have it pre-inspected (that is often done by other insurance companies). It is convenient.

2. Wide range of limits

You choose by yourself for which amount you want to insure your apartment, as well as the liability to the neighbors. Thus, you can adjust the cost of insurance. Selecting of limits depends on the area of your apartment (or house).

3. Opportunity to select only those risks that you consider as the most dangerous

Among 6 risks from which you can insure your apartment, only 2 are the constant risks, the remaining 4 risks you can include or not include in the contract at your discretion. Thus, you can adjust the cost of insurance.

4. Without franchise

Many insurance companies put availability of the franchise as one of the conditions of insurance of the property – i.e. a part of damage that you have to cover by yourself. We believe that if you pay for the insurance, you shall no longer have to pay for anything, so our program does not provide for any deductibles.

5. Movable property is covered for free

Under the terms of insurance the subject of insurance is: 1) internal and external decoration of an apartment, or house (including coverage of ceilings, walls, floors, exterior windows, roof, windows, doors, trim, balconies and loggias); and 2) engineering and technical equipment (communication systems, electricity, gas and water supply, sewerage, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, plumbing, CCTV, etc.). In addition, we have included in your coverage movable property - furniture and appliances. And inclusion of movable property does not affect the value of insurance.

6. Personal liability insurance to the neighbors

At your discretion, you can include into a contract insurance of your liability to neighbors. For example, if at your fault property of your neighbors will be damaged, we will cover all the damage expenses. It is very convenient and allows to avoid unplanned costs and conflicts with neighbors.

7. Insurance with 1 document

In order to enter into a contract, you need to have only the identity card. Documents for the apartment, we will ask from you only in case of the insurance payment making. Moreover, you can insure an apartment that does not belong to you – if you rent it, or if it registered for your relatives. In this case, you should bear in mind that we will make payment to the apartment owner.

8. Minimum set of documents for payment

In order to get insurance payment, you should call our emergency commissioner to come (round the clock phone number for free from any mobile operator - 7072), as well as provide two main documents (documents in addition to the apartment): 1) statement from the competent authority, confirming the fact of the insured event (e.g., communal service on flooding, or from fire service authorities in case of fire, or from police in case of illegal actions of third parties, etc.); and 2) report on the damage assessment from an independent appraiser. Payment will be made within 5 working days after submission of the required documents.

Full details of all terms and conditions of insurance you can get by reading the insurance contract. Please note, that the contract becomes valid on the 8th day after its signing.