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Any property: movable, immovable, mortgaged property, goods in the warehouse and on the trading floor can be subject to insurance.

The insured event is the destruction (loss) or damage to property as a result of the following events:

  • fire, explosion, lightning, smoke exposure;
  • hurricane (storm);
  • hail;
  • flood;
  • earthquake;
  • flooding of water from the pipes of water, sewer and heating systems;
  • false triggering of automatic fire extinguishing system;
  • burglary and robbery, including the subsequent destruction of or damage to property;
  • impact of self-propelled vehicle;
  • collision or fall to the ground of piloted flying objects, their parts or cargo carried on these objects, overcoming of the sound barrier by flying object.

The insurance benefit shall be equal to the actual (market) value of the property.

Insurance tariffs are set depending on the characteristics of the insured object, its location and other factors that are essential to determine the degree of risk in the range of 0.2% to 0.9% of the insurance benefit.

Insurance payments are made in amount of actual damages caused to property within the insurance amount specified in the insurance contract.