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You have bought a new car and want to protect themselves from the risks involved? You leave the car at night in the yard or on the unguarded parking lot and fear that it may be damaged or stolen? There is too much reckless on the road who can not drive and are not able to compensate for the damage caused in an accident?

The only way to avoid unnecessary problems, unplanned expenses and save your nerves - is your vehicle insurance.

In most of the countries, vehicle insurance (so-called hull insurance) has become the accepted norm.

Many people often confuse hull insurance with compulsory insurance. This is wrong! Compulsory insurance - is the vehicle owner’s liability insurance to third parties, i.e., for damage to property and health of others. At the same time own vehicle will be repaired at your own expense. Of course, the compulsory insurance does not cover the risks of theft, damage from natural disasters, illegal actions, etc.

Therefore, own vehicle hull insurance - is the right decision!

We offer you probably the best product in Kazakhstan on hull insurance – “SAKTA” program!

Basic advantages of the program:

1. Opportunity to choose the conditions of the program

The most of other insurance companies offer customers for choice of several standard programs. Youn need to examine the conditions of each program to compare them with each other, to understand how they differ from each other, which program is better and why, in order to choose the optimal variant among them. This is inconvenient and time-consuming, and it is not the fact that you will be able to choose the right one that suits you.

We offer a completely different approach: you just choose what you need - the risks from which you want to insure your vehicle, availability of franchise, terms of repair, coverage area, etc., and with a handy calculator vary the these conditions, determining the cost of insurance. Within a few minutes you can pick up the conditions that are necessary for you, as well as the cost that will be comfortable for you.

2. Insurance premium payment in installments

If payment of the insurance cost in a lump sum is not very convenient option for you, we provide installments, with the cost of insurance at the same time not increasing.

3. Payment up to KZT 300 thousans without Traffic Police calling

With little damage (up to KZT 300 thousand) you do not need to call the Traffic Police or other competent authorities. Just call to our emergency commissioner. We will arrange the payment as soon as possible without unnecessary documents.

4. Convenient mechanism for payment receiving

As it often happens, getting payment by cash is not the solution. The car is damaged and pay back of the money will not restore the vehicle. That is why we have entered into agreements with the leading branded service stations in Almaty ("Subaru Motors" company, "Astana Motors" holding and "TehArtServis" company) and now directly from the accident scene we can send your car for repair. The vehicle of any brand, just to note. And for cars purchased at the companies of "Astana Motors" holding, repair at "Subaru Motors" company retains a guarantee on these cars.

Thus, you do not even come to our office to arrange payment. All you need to do - is to call to our emergency commissioner (for free from any mobile operator to free number 7072). Upon arrival at the scene, he will issue all the necessary documents and give you a referral to the service station. You bring your vehicle there (and if it is nontransportable - we provide at our own expense with tow truck) and leave it there. After that you will only need to take it out from repair when it is ready. All payments to the serfvice station, all the paperwork we undertake by ourselves. You even will not need to know how much does it cost to repair, as it took charge - you just take the vehicled repaired and do not think about anything. It's great to save time and nerves.

We hope that we have been able to convince you on how the "SAKTA" program is beneficial for you. Click this button to calculate the cost of insurance and see this!