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Tourists medical insurance

Dear customers, we wish you pleasant holidays and good health!

You have purchased the contract of insurance for citizens traveling abroad, and you are kindly asked to pay attention to the following points!

1. The insurance covers only emergency conditions. The list of diseases that are not covered by insurance is specified in the contract (Section 2, please read it carefully and, if necessary, seek clarification from the manager, who issues the insurance policy).

2. If you had to pay costs personally – you need to apply for reimbursement of expenses incurred within 5 days from the date of returning to Kazakhstan. Otherwise, the insurance company may refuse in payment.

3. Medical documents for payment (reimbursement of expenses) must be submitted in the original text and translation into the National or Russian languages with notarization (list of documents is specified in Section 2 of the insurance contract).

4. During the trip, it is desirable to have drugs essentials (for fever, disorders of gastrointestinal tract and allergies). Manager, who issues of insurance policy will help you in selection of the required minimum.

5. If you always take some medications, be sure to have these medications during travelling.

6. Do not put away the insurance contract, as in the case of sudden illness it is useful to you, because there is information how to contact the Assistance and get medical help. Timeliness and volume of medical care will depend on how you or your loved ones who are traveling with you will apply for it.

Nolte! If the policy of tourists medical insurance is purchase for study or work in the Republic of Turkey, you must first make a request to the receiving party as to whether your policy is valid or not in connection with the law on mandatory health insurance of foreign citizens in the territory of Turkey.

You can ask in advance all the questions that are interesting for you and our experts will answer them.

Tourists medical insurance policy for visa issue

For visa issue, the Embassy (visa department) requires provision of an insurance contract with a particular insurance amount, which shall be specified in the contract of insurance for citizens traveling abroad. Below, there is the information that recommends minimum insurance amounts in insurance policies.

1. For Schengen Agreement member countries and Switzerland - the minimum insurance amount is EUR 30 000.

2. For Australia, Japan, USA, Canada countries - the minimum insurance amount is up to EUR/USD 50 000.

3. For the rest of the world - the minimum insurance amount is EUR 10 000.

In any way, the insurance amount can be higher than the minimum, upon request of the customer, but not less than specified amount for certain territories.

Some useful advices

Dear customers, please read the insurance company’s advice carefully, and it will help you during the trip!

If you or your family, friends, with whom you have a rest outside of the Republic of Kazakhstan, become suddenly ill, state of health is deteriorated, it is necessary to do the following:

  • call the telephone number listed in the insurance contract
  • report on the circumstances of the insured event (i.e, tell us what happened)
  • identify the name of the insurance company, № of contract, p;eriod of its validity
  • your location
  • contact phone number

After receipt of the information, the Assistance will notify you to what clinic shall you apply to seek for medical help, or you will be transported to the hospital (if you can not get there by yourself due to the state of health).

In this case, you will not have to pay for services received and collect documents for payment, the Assistance will make it for you.


If you have came to the clinic by yourself (for reasons related to inability to contact the Assistance or medical emergency), you will need after receiving of medical services and their self-payment to collect all the documents according to the list (a list of documents is specified in Section 2 of the insurance contract).

After returning to Kazakhstan you need for 5 days to apply for a refunding, otherwise the insurance company has the right to deny reimbursement of expenses incurred.